If you want to do everything but relax.. this is the hotel for you.

Everytime I have ever stayed at the WESTIN OF PRINCETON it's a nightmare. The only reason I continue to stay at this hotel is because my company is located within walking distance. Other than that.. I would not suggest anyone stay here.

For starters, I've been "walked" to a different hotel- TWICE. Over booking at this hotel is completely normal for this hotel at least 3 days a week. I've gotten a double room many times even though I had paid for a king. Food on thwe 6th floor is never available on time.

Ordering room service is like buying a house. One person takes the order, someone logs it in and someone else competely different delivers it. Westin, please learn to cut the middle man. Second, stay clear on this hotel on Friday and Saturday nights.

They have thee worse wedding party guests in the tri-state area. Yelling, knocking on doors, vomit in the hall, glasswear in the halls.. and a smell that never seems to leave. And if it isn't the wedding party guest causing trouble in the hotel.

It's this large group of Jewish people who each have 5 kids and let them run the entire hotel. From crapping in the pool to leaving their shoes in the lobby, Total midnight.

Stay clear of this hotel. They are poorly staffed at all times of the day and one request turns into a project too big for anyone to handle.

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