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There were a number of problems:

1. The Starwood International website would not accept a complaint without a valid reservation number which I provided and then it still would not accept comments or suggestions.

2. The room was expensive but small, slightly larger than that of a cruise ship and had a lovely view of a light shaft. When I asked if rooms with a view were available---not without an additional $100 charge although members of the 1000 member group with me had better views at no additional charge.

3. The banquet provided by the hotel was served one and one half hour late. The seminar rooms did not have enough seats or tables and the condition was never addressed by the hotel. I am certain our conference organizers were asking for tables and chairs and timely service.

4. A split of bad wine in the room would cost $25 plus a 20% surcharge and tax. To walk to a grocery store 3 blocks away, one must pass numerous panhandlers and inebriated street people.

5. I post this publicly because as I said there were no complaint cards and the website wouldn't accept feedback.

I advise any conference organizer to avoid this hotel as well as any visitor to San Francisco.

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